In 2000 we purchased our first Ford Excursion.  We loved it, but it started to rust in just four or five years, so we eventually sold it.  Our family has missed it ever since. 

Four years ago, our family decided it was time to get one again, as we loved the first one so much, but the Excursion had been out of production for about 14 years.  So finding one was hard.  We spent more than a year searching out the perfect one :  7.3 Liter, nine passenger, all original,  and most important - born and raised out west, out of the rust belt. These are very rare, and we plan to keep this one for a very long time.

Since making that purchase, we have always stored / stopped using the Excursion during each winter, to prevent rust, so we can extend its life. Our son is now the proud owner of our Excursion, and lives in Detroit.  As before, he was not using it in the winter, to extend its life.  

One day we discovered what Tom does and investigated.  We could not believe Tom's passion, commitment, attention to detail, and finally, the amount of rust prevention work he actually does to a vehicle.  We are blown away with the end result. We can now drive it even during the winter.

Our Excursion went from Detroit, to Tom in Eau Claire for three of four days. It's now back in Detroit ready to go. 

When we were leaving, we asked Tom how much of his product actually went on and into our Excursion.  Tom looked up a bit, did some quick calculations, looked us straight in the eye and said “ Oh at least 40 pounds” !!  

Tom tore our Excursion down, put 40 pounds of his product inside and outside the underbody over a three day period.  It is not just undercoating that Tom does, it is a procedure that can extend the life of your vehicle up here in the rust belt, not by just a few years, but by two to three times its normal life. Now that is value.  We will bring every future car purchase to Tom for sure.  

James Pidgeon​