AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Vehicle has drying fans underneath and is ready to have the parts that were removed reinstalled.

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  under-body floor

Under-body floor - BEFORE rust coating

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Left Rear Axle area

Rust Proofing inner frame, cross-members and front fender mounting

Rust Proofing inside the rocker panels

Covering open holes that collect moisture

Spraying underneath the vehicle

Parts removal (front view)

High pressure air drying

Vehicle, room and floor masked-off for rust proofing work.

Rust Proofing rear wheel inner cavities

Left Rear axle - BEFORE rust coating

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Left rear wheel well

Left front wheel well before rust coating (with liner removed)

Left front spindle - BEFORE rust coating

2017 Ford Escort

000,845 miles

Rust proofing process

Accessing pockets and crevases

Steam cleaning parts that were removed

Steam cleaning botom of vehicle

Rust Proofing rear hatch

Rear under-body BEFORE rust coating

Area below and around engine  - BEFORE rust coating

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Left front wheel well

Accessing pockets and crevases

Front axle - BEFORE rust coating

Spraying on cleaning agent

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  front suspension (close-up).

Rust Proofing outer edges of the front hood

Spraying inside the fenders

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  front suspension (viewed from the front of the car).

Rust Proofing doors

Parts removal (rear view)

Fans put under vehicle overnight

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Rear

Seal Coat outer body to protect from over-spray.

Left rear wheel well before rust coating (with liner removed)

Accessing pockets and crevases