AFTER Rust-Proofing -  rear axle and driveshaft

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  removing protectant from outer body

Spraying underneath the front fenders

Rear bumper, bumper reinforcement, and brackets before rust coating

Put vehicle on hoist to clean and remove necessary parts.

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  rear axle - left side

Left Rear axle - BEFORE rust coating

Rear spare tire area before rust coating

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  left front wheel well

spraying inside the edges of the hood

Water-blasting under-carriage to remove loose rust.

Spraying-in solvent to break-down open cell foam

Rust Proofing rocker panels

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Front axle

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  underbody  engine area

Accessing rear wheel cavities

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  underbody

2008 Ford F350

130,461 miles

Rust Proofing Process

Rust Proofing inner area over open-cell foam .

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  underbody rocker panel area

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Left spindle

Parts removal (rear view)

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  spare tire area

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  rear bumper , rear bumper brackets

Fans put under vehicle overnight

Parts removal (front view)

Spraying the tail light pockets

Coating the inside of the front fenders

Front axle - BEFORE rust coating

Modify undercarriage gussets  so that they properly drain water and dirt. - as needed.

Steam cleaning under-carriage

AFTER Rust-Proofing -  Left Rear Axle area

Left front wheel well before rust coating (with liner removed)

Spraying the spare tire

Mark out and drill access points as needed.

Rust Proofing doors

Seal coating  exterior for protection  from  overspray

Area below and around engine  - BEFORE rust coating

Cap-off access points  in wheel well area

Hot water flush to remove debris in cavities

Spraying on cleaning agent

Spraying underneath the vehicle

Rust Proofing tail gate

High pressure air drying

Left front spindle - BEFORE rust coating

Vehicle, room and floor masked-off for rust proofing work.

Under-body floor - BEFORE rust coating

Left rear wheel well before rust coating